Love the game …. become a Hockey Umpire!

​Hockey umpiring is an incredibly rewarding part of the game of hockey.  You have the best seat in the house as players showcase their skills and you have an important role to play in helping create that hockey spectacle!  Umpiring also improves your understanding of the rules of the game; and you get re-imbursed by the Auckland Hockey Association.


​"There is a growing awareness that umpiring is a cool and critical part of the game of hockey.  Take away the emphasis on ‘us and them’ and people quickly realise umpires and players are a collective working towards a fun, fair, spectacle.  It is all about breaking down the stigma."  Kelly Hudson, Officiating Development Officer, Tauranga Hockey and top ranking FIH International Umpire. ​
Have a go whether you’re new to the sport, retiring from a playing career or anything in between!
​Meet our own club umpires.  To do this, please contact Trish Hurley, Club Umpire Coordinator via this web page:


JUMP (Junior Umpire Mentoring Programme)


A JUMP Programme is aimed at developing young umpires to be able to take control of a full 11-a-side game and develop their confidence as an umpire to the point that they will be able to:
  • ​Gain a deeper understanding of hockey such that it can develop the individual's own appreciation of the game and individual skills so that they can be related to their growth either as a player or an umpire.
  • Confidently manage, as an Umpire of a Junior grade of Auckland Hockey.
  • Be able to represent Auckland at an U13s Tournament – this would normally be after a minimum of 2 years within the JUMP Programme to gain the necessary skills, experience and confidence.