Grammar Windsor Hockey Club - Establish 1932

This Club was founded by Bill Ahlers, 3rd from left (top row) who was an old boy from Auckland Grammar School.

Along with other old boys like Garth Twigden (Captain) and with the assistance of Mr Joe Coop – the Club started.
The first Secretary was J W Fielder (the father of Clive Fielder) our dashing Division 4 Centre Forward. Subscriptions were set at $1.50 a year.

The Club had early success winning its first Trophy in 1933 – The Harvard Cup for coming 2nd on points at the Kings Birthday Tournament. Points were awarded not only for Hockey but also for placings in running races held at lunchtime during the Tournament.

Two Years later in 1935 the Club fielded its first Senior (Premier) Team.


Windsor Ladies Hockey Club began its life known as Wesley Presbyterian in the early 1940’s it is thought). At the time all the girls in the Team went to the same church together on Sundays and played hockey together on Saturdays.

As time went by other players (who weren’t church members) joined the Club and eventually there were not many church goers left and so it was decided to change the name. Windsor Ladies Hockey Club became incorporated on 13th April 1949. Why the name Windsor was chosen is unknown. Perhaps because it started with the letter W and maybe because it had royal connotations!.

The Club grew to become one of the strongest and best known Women’s Clubs in Auckland. Club players who have represented New Zealand include - Carol Duske, Kylie Foy, Megan Quedley, Moira Chamberlain, Liz Robinson, Tina Bell, and Mandy Smith.

In 1981 Windsor Ladies entered a preliminary association with Grammar Old Boys Hockey Club. At that time the Club rooms were in an old squash court at Hobson Park.

Grammar –Windsor Hockey Club was formed on 15th November 1985 by the merging of two Clubs
After a 2 trial period the Clubs merged and took on the new name of Grammar Windsor Hockey Club, with the formal Club document signed 2 years later in 1985.