Join the Auckland Hockey Umpires Association and discover the joy and rewards of umpiring the game!

Have a go whether you’re new to the sport, retiring from a playing career or anything in between.

As an Auckland Hockey Umpire you will be umpiring in the Auckland Club Hockey Competition. The season typically starts in mid April and continues until mid September. Umpiring takes place at various school locations and the following senior venues:

  • Auckland Grammar (Normanby Road)
  • Avondale College (Rosebank Road, Avondale)
  • Mt Roskill Grammar
  • Lloyd Elsmore Park
  • Waitakere
  • Kolmar (Papatoetoe)


Visit the Auckland Hockey Umpires Association website here


As part of your development, you are required to undergo Assessments to see how you are progressing. These are done during the year. Talk with your Umpire’s Coach regarding assessment dates.  After your assessment you will be given a grading:

Junior (Auckland/New Zealand)
Level I (Auckland/New Zealand)
Level II (Auckland/New Zealand)

It is strongly recommended that as an umpire you  attend all of  the umpires meetings. You will learn many new interpretations that will help you in your umpiring. You will realise that players will find other ‘interesting’ ways to gain the ball. The new knowledge learnt will be crucial in detection and prevention of such incidents and great benefit to any umpire no matter how experienced.

Full Time Umpire Senior Umpire $30.00
Associated Junior (Player Umpire) and Junior Umpire $20.00


Women The uniform for women consists of a black skirt and Yellow T-shirt, a hat is optional.
Men The uniform for men consists of black trousers and yellow T-Shirt, a hat is optional.

Both men’s and women’s shirts, which bear the Auckland Hockey logo, can be purchased from the Auckland Umpires Association, the black trousers/skirts respectively are your responsibility.


The Auckland Hockey Umpires Association will nominate umpires that they believe have a high enough skill level to attend National Tournament. Umpiring at National Tournament is gender specific. Umpires wishing to be nominated for National Tournaments should be actively umpiring in AK Hockey competitions throughout the season.


If you are interested in umpiring in the Secondary School competition more information will be available soon on the status of tournaments.

The secondary school competition is managed by Auckland Hockey in conjunction with College Sport.

There may be times when you cannot umpire. This is not a problem. Just let our Appointments Officer know with good time so that a replacement can be organised.  If you have special requirements or play in a team, also let the Appointments Officer know – your umpiring appointments will be scheduled to suit or scheduled around the times you play.

If you wish to become a member or have any questions please contact us via email:

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