HOCKEY NZ Article - Coaching Hockey

HOCKEY NZ Article - Coaching Hockey

Coaching is about engaging and developing people, extending well beyond the traditional view of focusing on the relationship between a coach and player. Hockey New Zealand defines coaching as individuals supporting the development of people. This captures coaches of players, coaches of officials, and coaches of coaches (developers).

The Hockey New Zealand Community Coaching Plan and High Performance Coaching Plan are being developed to provide a clear direction for coaching and guide the support and development of a sustainable coaching system.

The long-term approach to coaching enables the creation of a strong foundation to nurture a culture of continuous learning to allow solutions to emerge as opposed to being established from the onset.

Aligning with best practice principles, Hockey New Zealand has engaged with Sport New Zealand, coaching experts, and the hockey community to support the leadership and development of the plan. The plan is being developed in alignment with the Hockey New Zealand 2025 Strategy, High Performance Sport New Zealand Coaching Plan and Sport New Zealand Community Coaching Plan.

If you are a new or experienced coach, make sure you check out the links below to get connected and support your learning journey. 

  • Community Coaching Resources: A site dedicated to current coaching resources developed by community coaching leaders for community coaches 
  • Online Education Courses: Access to formal coaching courses for small sticks, club and school community coaches 
  • Association Contacts: Find your local association to connect with your local leaders of hockey
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